Month: January 2006

Oceanview School

I like Oceanview School because there is a lot of fun things to do. I like my teacher. My teacher’s name is Sally. My teacher’s last name is Davis. I have a lot of friends there. It is fun to be there at Oceanview School. I also like my afternoon program. It is called Cedars.…
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Dragon Class

Dragon class is a place where dragons actually learn to do stuff. So, once when I did something, I accidentally turned into a dragon instead! And then it just transported me to dragon class. So then for awhile I got teached how to turn into a dragon. And then when I got teached all the…
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Burger King civil procedure case

Ethan really appreciated Civil Procedure today, far more than I had expected. He even preferred the professor to the professor in Contracts. Ethan says that the reason he liked the Civil Procedure class so much was that he liked the Professor. Then I remembered that the main case in our lecture today was a case…
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Hastings Law School

We went to 3M and we ate there. I got up and looked out a window, but I was not paying attention so I bumped into a pole. I bumped on my forehead that time. It was raining. I did not like that. I made ladybugs of me and my brother, Alex and my mom…
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Alex and Ethan quotes

We were driving one day and I asked, “Who’s the bomb?” Both of them replied, “I’m the bomb!” Then I asked, “Who’s the man?” Alex said, “I’m the man!” Ethan said, “I’m not the man. You be the man, because they have to wash dishes!” Ethan had a dream that he had 3 children named;…
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Ethan is out sick…

He’s going with Tamina to learn more about law today. I’m stuck at work during the lunch hour. At least they have food. Ethan just called. He said he’s fine but it’s raining outside. And he wants me to get him. I’m just glad he’s professional on the phone. Hopefully it stays that way.

Starting this Journal

We’re starting this journal to keep track of the boys’ activities.