Month: February 2006

Free Pancakes

Ethan remembered that February 28th is free pancake day at IHOP.


Even though Alex is a little sick he found the energy to go to school to hand out cards and eat some cup cakes. Ethan on the other hand went to school dressed up in a shirt and tie.

Alex is sick today

I’m not sure if I want to keep this as a record of them being sick. But Alex is with me at work playing video games. It looks like his whole class has come down with something. At least he’s having fun with me here. So far, he’s eaten a piece of banana bread and…
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Shopkeeping 2

I guess shopkeeping gets quite boring without any customers. Soon, both boys were back at my desk shouting, “We’re OPEN!” (Or “OPENED” as is stated on Alex’s sign) I went back to the shops. Ethan was manning his post. “Well what do you want me to do?” I asked. “I don’t have any cash.” Ethan…
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Ethan and Alex are home sick today. I was working on the bills and Ethan adopted all of the fake credit cards from my pile of bills. I gave him the speech about credit cards–about how you end up paying more and more each day on a loan than you had intended. He seemed very…
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Another sick day

The boys had a rough night. Alex has a runny nose and Ethan’s ear hurts. We went to the doctor this morning to have them take a look. Alex is getting the start of something we just have to medicate him for that. Ethan’s ear is releasing some fluid. He’s on amoxicillin. I had the…
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