Month: January 2007

My First Day For Special Studant Of The Week

On my first day I shared my sweter.— Ethan! If you’re going to write about Student of the Week, at least spell “student” right! And go take a bath. I need to recharge my batteries. Ethan

Alex Googles “God”

(No kidding) “Mom, I keep trying to google God’s lessons but it keep saying ‘good god!’

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Ethan Alex Charmander Ninja Turtle Steve from Bluesclues Blue Tenderheart Captain Hook Wizard Buzz Lightyear Prince Philip Stitch Anakin Green Lantern Evil Scientist (yrs old) Robin (6 yrs old) Ghoul (8 yrs old) Sasuke from Naruto (7 yrs old) Harry Potter (9 yrs old) Light Matter Super Hero (8 yrs old) Black and…
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Ethan’s 8th Birthday Tooth

Ethan lost another tooth on his birthday. This tooth has been dangling for days. I guess it was waiting for a reason to come out. …oh Dad! You forgot to mention that Ethan’s tooth came out because his good friend, Nik, gave him a big birthday hug and when they were done squeezing each other,…
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Practical Analysis of Multiple Mothers by Ethan

First week of January… Ethan: I love Mommy€¦ Mommies! Like if there were three of you! Mom: Three of me? Well I would get a lot more done, but poor dad.. Ethan: Actually, maybe I would want only one€”you–. Mom: Oh? Why? Ethan: Because I€™d have three people waking up in the morning and I…
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The Boys and Isabella

The boys loved spending time with their cousins Isabella “Baba” and Kayla while in the Philippines. Here is a typical exchange between the boys and Baba during one of their outings to a restaurant, Isdaan, where they all piled in to a large plastic boat: Baba: (taking the steering wheel) I’m the Captain, so I…
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Christmas in the Philippines, by Ethan

I like the Philippines because we got to go to the beach many times and there were two hammocks and I liked it because I got to play with my cousin, Isabella. I got a Tamagotchi for Christmas. At the beach I saw many starfish. I played a fun game. The first person in line…
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Christmas in the Philippines, by Alex

Christmas is really different from here than in the Philippines. Because there’s more than one thing and they really have small small christmas trees there and they are a lot more poorer now. Really really really poor. And that’s what the people were like there before the hurricane that happened there. And I got to…
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