Month: November 2007

My Teeth

Since the last time I blogged, I’ve been losing teeth. Now I’ve lost 2 teeth in the front row top. I worked really hard getting out the second one but I forgot how I did it because it took such a long time since I lost my other tooth, and I’m still not growing it…
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How My Tooth Chiped

One day at lunch recess, my friend Bryan was chacing me on the structure .I was trying to turn to go on the slide and I turned to quickly so… my tooth chiped.Fourtunetly I spat out the chiped of part and had my friend Ilai to take me to the office,who was also getting chased…
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Ethan Won the Five Little Monkeys Party Raffle

On Friday November 9 th 2007,me Ethan went on a toy hunt at 5 little monkeys gift shop. When I went home that evening I GOT A CALL SAYING I WON THE RAFFLE OF THE TOY HUNT!I was so proud of my self ,the next morning I went straight to 5 little monkeys to get…
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