Month: May 2008

A poem about conversations, by Alex

Snakes, Snakes How do you stretch your bones? Owls, Owls How do you see in the night? God, God How do you see through the clouds? Monks, Monks How do you meditate in a temple? Dragons, Dragons Why do you blow fire? Kid, Kid Why should I tell you pip squeak? Panda, Panda Why do…
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Dear Imagination: A poem by Alex

Dear Imagination Dear Imagination Are you immortal? Are you all right? Are you graceful? Are you inspirational? Are you necessary? You are awesome? You are trusted? You are impossible? Do you want an omelet? Imagination, you are me!

Ritz Cracker: A Poem by Alex

Ritz Cracker “It looks like 7 anthills from the holes. But inside it looks like snow. It takes like seawater I bite it and it makes a hard crunch sound. It smells like ocean air. It feels like a bumpy street.

Imagination: a poem by Alex

“Imagination, Are you little people in my head making my thoughts by searching files in a cabinet in my brain?”


“Aw, he’s so dutiful.” Ethan: “Does that mean he’s full of doodle?”

RattleSnake Eggs!

We received a packet of Rattlesnake Eggs today (thanks Auntie Viv & Uncle Pat). There was lots of nervous giggling and “what if”s. And screams of “light!!!” followed by desperate attempts to hide the packet in a shadow. On one of these occasions, Ethan excitedly instructed Alex (left holding the bag) to “Quick! Put it…
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