Month: December 2008

Snow Day!

Today was Snow Day! Golden Gate Fields set up a snow mound, mini skating rink, and sledding hill for kids. It rained, but the boys weren’t deterred. Ethan made lots of snowballs. This was his favorite, though he made some pretty big ones. Alex scooped snow into a truck and made snowmen. He also ran…
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Another Lost Tooth for Alex!

Alex lost another tooth today. The one right to the left of his two front teeth (if you are facing him). He lost the one to the right of his two front teeth a few weeks ago. (See the Sink Story, supra.) It fell out right in his mouth and he took it and put…
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Letter to Santa 2008

Ethan and Alex wrote their letters to Santa this year–as emails. They did this last year too. Santa can be emailed at . They filled in blanks about where they live, what they want for Christmas, and they got to include special treats (for free) and choose a special stamp. Then, the email was…
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