Month: May 2009

Congratulations Auntie Lia!

Auntie Alia graduated from medical school at Brown. Here is the conversation between Alia and Alex contributed by Alia. (The “Me” is Alia): Conversation: Alex: (obligatory voice) Congratulations, Auntie Lia. Me: Thanks, Alex! Alex: What kind of doctor are you going to be? Me: I’m going to be a psychiatrist Alex: (super excited) You are??…
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Beach Day!

May 17, 2009 Pacifica, California After church, we went to the beach right across from church with Auntie Naomi! The best view ever Digging the foundations for the Castle No dook-dook crabs, so these ladybugs were the castle inhabitants. (Have you ever seen ladybugs on a beach?) Alex building a new rock manor after the…
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