Birthday Party!

Birthday Party!

Alex and I had a birthday party together. It was shortly planned but of course, it’s an Alex party. We decided to rent out the clubhouse near the pool. The clubhouse has many great features: Stove, oven, bathrooms, refrigerators, etc… The only problem was the guards…which I quickly fixed by giving them food.

We tried to keep on schedule. The party was scheduled from 4 to 8 PM. Some people came at 4PM. John and Monica came to help out. Bryce and Kristan came late. I expected them at 3PM. But there was a lot of traffic, plus Bryce picked up the lumpia and pancit. We also started the grill late. Well, started at 3:30PM.

As for the events…in true tradition of an Alex birthday party, there were no events. Just massive amounts of food.

The guests were very impressed with the setup, decorations, etc… But again, that’s pure Alex birthday fashion. We had about 50 guests. Some of them were from my work, the others were friends and family. Everyone enjoyed from what I could tell and what people told me.

I think we had some people at the party who were expecting a little more in terms of games. The veterans knew it was all about relaxing and having a good time.

The gifts were great. I think Alex got a bunch of nice gifts because we didn’t make a theme invitation. I think he appreciated that. Alex has fun with his friends running around and eating cake.
Ethan got jealous a little. But his birthdays are more time consuming in terms of planning and such.

People came at all hours. People stayed until 10PM. I think it was a great match of people at the party. Okay, so most of them were either, A) Lawyers or B)Computer people. It was all fun. The funny thing was that there were 3 email administrators that night-Bryce, Erik, and Francis. From what I can tell, people just relaxed and enjoyed. My godsister came over too which made me happy. Since she was the only person there who has been to my birthday parties pre-double digit years.
Other details:

  • The theme was X-Men 3. We purchased all of this the night before.
  • We had a total of about 70 pounds of meat.
  • There were under 50 guests.
  • 2 cakes
  • Ice cream sundae bar
  • 200 pieces of lumpia
  • 15 cups of rice
  • 1 tray of pancit
  • Serveral bottles of beer
  • Several bottles of wine
  • Did I mention the ice cream bar?

No pig this year…Alex really wanted to have one.