Congratulations Auntie Lia!

Congratulations Auntie Lia!

Auntie Alia graduated from medical school at Brown.
Here is the conversation between Alia and Alex contributed by Alia. (The “Me” is Alia):


Alex: (obligatory voice) Congratulations, Auntie Lia.

Me: Thanks, Alex!

Alex: What kind of doctor are you going to be?

Me: I’m going to be a psychiatrist

Alex: (super excited) You are?? That’s great!!!

Me: Do you know what a psychiatrist is?

Alex: Yes, and I REALLY need one! I have a very long story, and it’s VERY HARD!

Me: Well, I’d be happy to listen to your story any time at all. You can call me or write me a letter.

Alex: If I wrote you a letter, I’d need 15 envelopes.

Me: Then you can email me, and we’ll save some trees.

Alex: Okay, good. I’m so glad you’re a psychiatrist.

I have to say, that’s the most favorable response I’ve ever gotten in response to my specialty choice. =)