Ethan, Alex, and Daddy are playing Game Cube.

Ethan: “Dad, you’re DeadMeat!…It’s a compound word.”

Mom: hey, that’s not a compound word…

Ethan (snidely): “Whu-uht? Did you just look it up on Google?”

Mom: “That’s messed up Ethan. I’m gonna blog your butt… Just wait, I will look it up on Google!”

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dead meat

Slang. a person or thing that is dead, doomed, or beyond recovery.

[Origin: 1860€“65]

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n. Slan.

  1. A corpse or carcass.
  2. One that is doomed, as to obsolescence, ruin, or death.

Dad: “Um, you know he still won, right?”

Mom: “No! I didn’t google it, I dictionary.com’med it.”

Ethan: “I knew it didn’t sound like Google.”