Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008

Some scary action

This Halloween, Ethan and Alex were joined by friends Sophia and Ilai. Ethan was Harry Potter (per Mom’s request). Alex was a superhero he made up himself: “Light Matter” (as opposed to “Dark Matter”). Sophia and Ilai were, well, creepy.

Getting ready for trick-or-treating

We made cupcakes for the Trick-or-Treaters–they were cheaper to make than candy is to buy! And they came out pretty nicely. Plus the tinier trick-or-treaters loved them because they can’t have too much candy yet.

Cupcakes for Trick-or-Treaters
Our Treats
Well, we did buy One bag of candy (and Lien came with tons more!): Candy Games:
Cool Candy
Some of the coolest candy we have ever seen, these candy boxes look like game board boxes (some of our favorites) and the pieces of candy look like game pieces from the games:
Pieces of candy
(sorry for the bad picture, had to take it with the camera on my phone)
We did a really nice indoor house-display with lots of pumpkins. The whole house glows with orange light at night. (No pictures because my camera just died)
We carved pumpkins at Tally’s house this year. She had a pumpkin-carving party and the boys worked very hard at creating their masterpieces. Ethan’s pumpkin has “ETHAN” carved out in big block letters in the back. Alex’s pumpkin has a special hole he carved out of the back so that the pumpkin could be used for puppeteering grossness.
Pumpking carving

Sorry we missed sending our Halloween newsletter this year. Perhaps I can manage a Thanksgiving one.