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Guam Rail

Mom: That really is a very pretty picture of the Guam Rail. Alex: Is it good? Mom: Alex! It's very very endangered! Alex: Is the reason it's endangered because it's good?

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Silent Killers

Alex: Mom, I heard on the radio that we have to get a carbon monoxide detector by January 1st. It's the law. Mom: Oh really? Alex: Yea, they call it the silent killer. There are a lot of silent killers, Mom...Carbon monoxide...Cancer...Ninjas...

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Teacher Tricks

Ethan: Mom, you said you were going to pick me up at 4 o'clock. Mom: Sorry, my class got out at 3:45 instead of 3:15! Ethan: Uh oh. Mom: I know. Imagine my surprise--that's a whole 30 minutes longer! Ethan: Did you run out of lesson? Mom: Well I stretched it for as long as I could... Ethan: Next time just say 'Well I'm out of lesson plan, anyone for Hangman?' Mom: Good idea.

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Name Your City

Alex: Why do the cities around here have such weird names? Albany? Dad: Well what would you name a city, Alex? Alex: ALEX ALON--ICA!

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Points for science reference.

Boys are sitting at the kitchen table "doing their homework" while mom is in their room. Mom: Hey, you guys! I came in here to be with you and you left! Ethan: Diffusion. ...Had to move to an area of lower concentration.

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Ethan gets Told.

We are visiting Auntie Diane and Uncle Dan's for Grandma's birthday. Ethan (whining and clutching on to Mom): I'm thirsty! Mom: Go get some water Ethan (still whining): I don't want water, I want orange juice Lily: Go upstairs and get some orange juice! You're a Big Kid! Ethan (to Lily): No I'm not, I'm a little kid. Lily: You look big to me!

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September 27, 2011: Alex gets asked for his number by a GIRL. He reports this at dinner. Mom: Did you give it to her? Alex: No, I didn't yet. Mom: Are you going to? Dad: I can't believe you're encouraging this. Ethan: Pass me the honey...that's My sugar.


Fondue Night

Alex, Ethan, Jenna, and Eric all shared a fondue pot at "The Melting Pot" for a very fun dinner we had. Alex: Jenna you double-dipped. Eric: It doesn't matter. Ethan: Yea cause we're all Filipino. The kids saved the apple slices from the cheese course and dipped them into the main course pot. Their expressions upon tasting their creations were priceless.

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One Day Sale

As we are rushing through Macy's... Alex: "Mom! I mean, how can you Not stop! It's a One Day Sale!"

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