Remembering Lolo

Remembering Lolo

Ethan: We visited Lolo in Hawaii and it was fun seeing them. He was very nice.

Alex: We went to Hawaii and visited him.

Ethan: He treated us very nicely.

Alex: And we always gave him hugs and kisses.

Ethan: I will never forget him. And we always gave him hugs and kisses.

Ethan: I remember going to church and putting him in a wall in the graveyard and I remember the beginning when we got to see him and the flag was on top of the box he was in.

Alex: We celebrated his life in the funeral home, but now his life is now in heaven.

Alex: He died in his sleep.

Ethan: He is now in heaven and he is having a good time because he can do whatever he wants like fly.

Alex: And Mom saw him last night. He has a good home, now, because he can do whatever he wants in heaven.

Ethan: He can eat sugary things and not get hurt.

Ethan: I feel sad and happy because I feel sad that he died and I feel happy that he’s all right in heaven and he’s going to have a good time there because he can’t get hurt. I feel bittersweet.

Alex: I feel really sad that he leaved our country, he leaved our world, he left the island, he left us alone with no one to cuddle with no one to snuggle with no one to take care of, with help and everything in heaven.

Ethan: He was a very nice guy and he treated us very nice.

Alex: And he treated Guam very nicely too.