Snow Day!

Snow Day!

snow-day-alex1.gif Today was Snow Day! snow-day-ethan1.gif

Golden Gate Fields set up a snow mound, mini skating rink, and sledding hill for kids.

It rained, but the boys weren’t deterred.

snow-day-ethan2.gif Ethan made lots of snowballs. snow-day-ethan5.gif

This was his favorite, though he made some pretty big ones. snow-day-ethan4.gif

Alex scooped snow into a truck and made snowmen. snow-day-alex3.gif

He also ran around a lot, but could not stop once he started running.

Snow is slippery.snow-day-alex2.gif .

Both boys sailed snowballs at each other.

They had lots of fun and were very excited.

Alex was excited to see snow for the first time.

Ethan was excited just to be in the cold.

Mom and Dad were just cold.


“I have to take off my gloves!–There’s ice in them!”

snow-day-ethan1.gif snow-day-alex1.gif