Welcome to 1st Grade, Alex!

Welcome to 1st Grade, Alex!

On the first day of school, I was really nervous and I was really sad that Lolo died. But today, at first grade, it was really nice because I actually got to meet new friends! I got to meet new friends like every day! Feeling like a first grader makes me feel reallly good! Because you get to play on the big (play) structure and you actually get to play on the structure but the kindergarteners don’t.

I have two teachers because one of them has a little baby that she has to take care of on all the other days except for Monday. Monday, Nancy has to do something. I like about my class that it has a lot of cool activities, and I like recess the most! Because you get to go on the big structure and you actually get to do stuff that kindergarterners don’t get to do. I mean like, come on! We’re in first grade now, not kindergarten!

I learned that if you like, have a straw, and then you put three lines simple inside it, like three small straws inside it, and then it would make it more stronger because the source of it is so strong, it pushes it out and makes it so, so strong.

I’m looking forward to actually doing anything in first grade! Just anything!