Month: September 2006

My Next Page of First Grade (and Being First Grade is So Fun!)

at frst grade i play fun games alex

Welcome to 1st Grade, Alex!

On the first day of school, I was really nervous and I was really sad that Lolo died. But today, at first grade, it was really nice because I actually got to meet new friends! I got to meet new friends like every day! Feeling like a first grader makes me feel reallly good! Because…
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Welcome to 2nd Grade, Ethan!

I like it when Barbara (my teacher) gives us Daily Edit. Daily Edit is when you get as many sentences or something and you fix it up. On the first day of school, I felt bittersweet because I missed first grade and I want to move up levels in different grades. I was happy to…
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Time Flies

Ethan wanted to show me something in the living room. I was nearly at the end of a very long community survey Census Bureau packet. Ethan: Come on Mom! Mom: Just a second, Ethan. Ethan waits beside me…for about 35 seconds. Ethan: Is is past a second in your world, Mom?