Month: November 2006

Sound advice

Daddy is heading out for some last minute groceries for the upcoming week. Mom: “You might want to take a sweater, it’s cold out.” Alex: “And you might want to go to the bathroom first!”


Ethan, Alex, and Daddy are playing Game Cube. Ethan: “Dad, you’re DeadMeat!…It’s a compound word.” Mom: hey, that’s not a compound word… Ethan (snidely): “Whu-uht? Did you just look it up on Google?” Mom: “That’s messed up Ethan. I’m gonna blog your butt… Just wait, I will look it up on Google!” Unabridged (v…
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Cedars and Maples

On the way to school this morning, Alex asked me to pick him up early. He wanted to visit Maples–Ethan’s afterschool program. The conversation evolved into his wanting to join Maples and leave his program, Cedars. Me: Alex, if you leave Cedars, you are going to leave behind Itamar and all your friends. Just wait…
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