Month: November 2008

Now That’s Dedication.

Alex lost a tooth on Thursday, Nov. 13th. It was the one right to the left of his big two front teeth: a very important tooth. When he was washing it, it slipped down the drain. He ran to us distressed. …so Dad TOOK APART THE SINK. Actually took apart the pipes under the sink…
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Ethan: What does “S.O.S” stand for? Mom: Save Our Ship Ethan: So what do they say when the ship’s sunk? Mom: I don’t think they say much of anything if they’ve sunk. Ethan: But what if you survived and you’re standing on an island? Then what do you say? Alex: SM. …Save Me!

Secret Ballot

Election day is a big deal at our house. Ethan and Alex like to go to the polls–to make sure their votes are being cast appropriately. We got to our polling place at 7:30am. Ethan went to the voting booth with Dad, Alex with Mom. After school, no doubt after tons of political discussion, Alex…
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Halloween 2008

This Halloween, Ethan and Alex were joined by friends Sophia and Ilai. Ethan was Harry Potter (per Mom’s request). Alex was a superhero he made up himself: “Light Matter” (as opposed to “Dark Matter”). Sophia and Ilai were, well, creepy. We made cupcakes for the Trick-or-Treaters–they were cheaper to make than candy is to buy!…
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A Split-Second

“A ‘split-second’? How do you split a second with a knife? Especially since time flies?” Ethan