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Ethan’s Recognition for being a National Hispanic Scholar

Board Recognitions Continue Wednesday, Feb. 1, we celebrated senior Ethan Alon, Hispanic Student of Honor, at the School Board. For those who do not know him, here’s the scoop: Pinole Valley High School senior Ethan Alon is one of just 5,000 Hispanic students recognized nationwide as a member of the National Hispanic Recognition Program by…
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On DeFence

The boys got defensive today when I asked them to do yard work. “Don’t forget you have to fix the fence today,” I said. “Offensive!” said Ethan. -_- We have had a few big storms lately, and the last one knocked down a whole section of our fence.

Cyber Monday Deals

(Ethan sends Pizza Hut cyber monday deal email) Mom: Dude, I’m as big as a house. Can’t you be into asparagus or something? Ethan: Do you have a sale for asparagus? Mom: Touche.

Ghost Writer

Dad: Can you guys ghost write for me? Boys: Dad, we’re not dead.

Morning with the 1950s Fashion Police

Mom: Dad, is this dress too low cut? Dad: No, it’s fine. Enter Alex. Alex: MOM! This is too short and low cut! Mom: No, it’s decent, it falls at my knee. Alex: No, it’s too short. [So I put on a camisole and readjust the wrap-around dress to fall below my knees] Mom: There…
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Halloween 2012…a belated post

Split a jack-o-lantern to reveal the pumpkin skull[/caption]

Ethan joins the working world

It’s week two of Ethan’s internship at Bay Area Legal Aid. This morning: Ethan: Unpaid internship…psha…tell that to my donut! This afternoon during a webinar: Ethan: You should ask in the question box: “how come hot dogs come in packages of 10 and hot dog buns come in packages of 8?” Mom: No. That’s not…
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Happy Father’s Day!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY PAPA!! ALex: We love you with all our hearts. We hope to see you soon. Ethan: Can’t wait to go camping. Alex: Ethan and I chose some different videos and pictures to put them in and we hope that you like them. Ethan: It recaps since the beginning of May. (Cinco de…
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Monday, 7:45 am: Ethan: “I love main and subordinate clauses…”