Letter to Santa 2008

Letter to Santa 2008

Ethan and Alex wrote their letters to Santa this year–as emails.

They did this last year too.
Santa can be emailed at http://www.emailsanta.com .
They filled in blanks about where they live, what they want for Christmas,
and they got to include special treats (for free) and choose a special stamp.

Then, the email was sent, we heard some magic sounds, and a return letter

popped up on our screen. Santa had written back a personal letter
(one at a time…we did Ethan first, then Alex). Santa wrote them each a
separate personal magic letter.

There are a lot of new “Santa” sites out this year, but don’t be fooled–
emailsanta.com is the real deal.
A link in Santa’s letter told the boys about Santa’s blog. Apparently the
North Pole crowd is expecting a new baby reindeer and the reindeer
parents have asked for help in naming the baby. So Alex sent a message
suggesting that the parents name the baby after themselves. He had
some other ideas too…for future baby reindeer.
Ethan asked Santa for a Nintendo Monopoly game.
Alex asked Santa for a Yellow Double Keyblade Sora toy.
There were spaces for three Christmas wishes–and they filled the spaces–
but these are their big wishes. Santa said he would do his very best.
Definitely all of the kids should check it out.
We could have gone down to the post office and dropped letters
in the big red “North Pole” mailbox, but this was a lot of fun!