More About Alex’s Birthday…

More About Alex’s Birthday…

Today is Alex’s birthday. He is six years old. Dad and I stayed up all night fixing up his really cool poster for his Friend of the Week. It has a lot of pictures of him…a lot, at all different stages. We made it like a comic book with word captions and thought bubbles. It came out very nice. It also had Alex’s four favorite things: Comic superheroes and costumes, the ballet, dragons, and Eric Carle books. There were pictures of Alex from his first three Halloweens and in various different costumes.

Ethan told some nice stories about Alex during sharing time in Alex’s class. Then Alex and Ethan did some kung fu demonstrations for the class–with the class sitting very far back. Dad and I also told stories about Alex and Alex’s teacher asked what we do. I could hardly remember what it was that lawyers actually do. We talked a lot about the poster and told stories about what the pictures reminded us of. Ethan got to talk about first grade too. And Alex told some stories of his own.

Then Alex got to go out and play and then he had music time. So we left him to have his fun and we left some cupcakes for his class to share. We gave one to Ethan before going to his class.

After school hours, we came home. Alex and Ethan really helped Daddy make dinner–at different times. Daddy made a special wonton soup for Alex’s appetizer and one of Alex’s favorite foods–Oxtail–for dinner. We are waiting for Uncle Lowe to arrive so we can have dinner and dessert and open the presents.

Alex is very excited about this.

Alex received a lot of birthday wishes from family and friends. In his class and at Cedars, a lot of people said Happy Birthday to him. Auntie Ann called and sang Happy Birthday and so did Mama and Papa from Virginia.

Alex is now 6. He is a big boy. He is now ready to sit still at the rug in class and behave himself. He has to be a good six-year-old model for his younger classmates. He knows this is a big responsibility and a little bit of a tough job. But we know he can do it.