RattleSnake Eggs!

RattleSnake Eggs!

Rattlesnake CautionRattlesnake WarningRattlesnake Warning

We received a packet of Rattlesnake Eggs today (thanks Auntie Viv & Uncle Pat).

There was lots of nervous giggling and “what if”s. And screams of “light!!!” followed by desperate attempts to hide the packet in a shadow. On one of these occasions, Ethan excitedly instructed Alex (left holding the bag) to “Quick! Put it in your shirt!” Alex lifted up his shirt and then stopped midway, “Noway!!” Then they dissolved into more nervous laughter.

But they had their doubts. Alex read the “wind-up enclosed” message printed on the back. Ethan looked for signs of branding from a joke manufacturing company. Alex held the packet up to the light to look through it (before reading the “do not expose to light” warning).
Then, of course, being boys, they Had to open the packet the minute they got in the house. They tore open the plastic and then argued over who had to open it (“1-2-3-Not-Me!”). So Alex grabbed it and dumped it out on the table…not giving the wind-up enough time to unwind properly. They looked at it quizzically.

Now, they are looking for anyone else to trick. With only me in the house, they have big plans for Dad. Prima didn’t seem to care.