The Gatekeeper of the Village of Ka

The Gatekeeper of the Village of Ka

Last night, Uncle Ken got us tickets to see the show Ka at MGM. At the entrance lobby, villagers of Ka were greeting people and guiding them to their seats. Alex took special interest in one of the villagers and asked him about the village. Alex then reported all of his findings back to us. First he was skeptical (Mom, he doesn’t know what a car is!), but after he amazed another villager with his cell phone and its lit up keypad, he was convinced that this was another civilization that he had to learn about. So he pulled me back to the gatekeeper, the historian of Ka. Alex had many important questions to ask him, including a pressing one about whether or not they were Samurai. The gatekeeper corrected him and Alex asked about a dozen more questions. He returned to the gatekeeper twice after before the show started and again after the show ended.

The show was really great and the boys (Dad included) loved sitting up in the light booth looking down on everything. Ethan’s favorite part was the fireworks and the fire flares. Alex’s favorite part was the giant starfish, sea turtle, and “milipede” which interacted with the human characters. Ka showcased amazing physical strength and skill by its cast. They also did a lot of really cool flywork. There were a lot of memorable moment s in the show, but I think Alex liked his new friend the best. (Alex: I met a new friend who’s a grown-up! Ethan: Who’s Uncke Ken. ALex: NO!!!! You just don’t KNOW about it.)

Alex (after the show): Wow, Uncle Ken’s work (MGM) sure was fun. ..We didn’t see Uncle Ken!! Where was he?!

The boys were still excited waking up the next morning…

Ethan: I know the guy we saw last night, who Alex talked to, was Uncle Ken. So he must be really tired.

Alex (waking up): No he wasn’t!

Ethan: Yes, he was, Alex.

Alex: No! He told his name! Uncle Ken works at a different place.

Ethan: No he doesn’t Alex.

Alex (definitively): Yes. Uncle Ken works at the Golden Lion Place. Not at the Village of Ka!

Ethan: It was just a show, Alex.

Alex: Yea, a show in the Village!


Ethan: I don’t get it. Uncle Ken invited us to Cirque du Soleil and he wasn’t there. I don’t get it.